Sweets and snacks

Fruity oat biscuits (200g) £1.27
Wholemeal digestive biscuits, organic (200g) £1
Vegan Choko cookies (200g) £1.50
Milk chocolate digestives (165g) £1.60
Dark chocolate with cranberries (90g) £1.71
Chewy orange bar (55g) £1.78
Cashew peanut protein energy ball (40g) £1.25
Chocolate almond fudge energy bar (68g) £1.10
Peanut butter cups (34g) £1.43
Pomegranate sweets, organic (100g) £1.10
Tony’s Chocolonely fair trade chocolate (180g) £2.35
Tony’s Chocolonely milk chocolate toffee (180g) £3.05
Chocolate chip oat bar (35g) 60p
Bombay mix (250g) £1.15
Sweet chilli crisps (40g) 50p
Smoked chilli crisps (40g) 52p
Cheese & herb puffs, organic (15g) 42p
Roasted horseradish peas (300g) £1.86
Plastic-free chewing gum (15g) 72p